What You Should Know About Digitizing Medical X-Ray Film

Did you know that one of the most important considerations for the successful digitization of X-Ray film is image quality?   If you plan to purchase an X-Ray film digitizer and digitize the films yourself, then purchase the best X-Ray film scanner you can afford.  You will want a digitizer that has clinically proven reliability, image […]

Would You Buy a Dental X-Ray Digitizer on Amazon?

Raise your hand if you remember when Amazon.com was an on-line book store. In 1994, Jeff Bezos wanted to get in on the Internet craze and decided to start a business that would sell books online.  He choose books as his “product” due to the large world-wide demand for literature, the low price points for […]

How to Digitize and Dispose of X-Ray Film

X-ray digitization is the process used to create a digital image from an x-ray film. Usually digital images are required when organizations decide to move from analog X-ray systems to digital X-ray systems.  Many are surprised to find that they can’t just lay the film on their office scanner and digitize it the way they […]

What to Do with X-Ray Film when you Convert to PACS

When you convert to PACS, or any kind of digital X-ray system, it’s important to ensure that you maintain patient continuity.  Because prior X-ray studies that were captured on film may play a key role in patient care, diagnosis, and treatment going forward, it’s important that you consider how those film studies will be handled […]

What You Need to Know about Archiving X-Ray Film

When it comes to archiving and records management, X-ray films pose a huge challenge.  There are two reasons for this:  (1) While not normally thought of as “permanent records” according the U.S. National Archives, X-rays are “frequently scheduled for very long retention periods, often as long as 75 years and, in some cases, even longer;” […]

Strategy for Digital X-Ray Images

What’s the Best Strategy for Digital X-Ray Images? Just as radiology has improved patient care, and radiography has improved industrial testing, so the Cloud can improve access to these (sometimes very large) images by providing a more effective platform through which to store, and share data.  This article explores the Cloud strategies for digital x-ray […]

Dental X-Ray Film Digitizing – What You Need to Know

While paper scanning is an office task and can be done with general office equipment, any type of medical film digitizing, including dental film, is an imaging procedure governed by medical and industry regulations.  Therefore, dental film digitizing requires specialized equipment that meets the regulations imposed by the FDA.   Particular attention must be paid to accurately and […]

X-Ray Film Digitizing for the Cloud

With the advancement of the digital world, hardly any industry remains untouched by the need to go digital, get into the cloud, and improve collaboration and communication.  From PACs and WebPACS in healthcare to the DICONDE cloud in non-destructive testing, organizations today have a wealth of competing priorities. Add to this the cost competition that […]

Radiography Image Management in the Digital Age

Radiography is an imaging technology that uses electromagnetic radiation (x-rays) to view the internal structure of a non-uniformly composed and opaque object.   Radiology is used healthcare to “see” inside an animal or a human body, as well as in industry to inspect materials, equipment and construction for hidden flaws. The role of the radiographer has […]

How Digital X-Rays Enhance Collaborative Health Care

Small imaging centers may not see the advantage to adopting digital medical imaging technologies.  Instead, they often see only the initial expense of the change, both in actual dollars spent and time lost during the change.   Despite the fact that patient diagnosis and care improves with digital technologies, the challenges for small providers often seems […]