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AcceleDOCS Document Management Solution

When you need more than EMR, AcceleDOCS connects your staff to the medical records they need. Used as a stand-alone document management application or bundled with our RSO solution, AcceleDOCS offers secure, HIPPA-approved web-based access to digital medical records.


AcceleDOCS is the document management solution in our suite of SaaS/Cloud medical solutions. AcceleDOCS offers true integration of paper and Dicom images with zero-footprint secure, immediate web-based access anywhere in the world. We directly support all imaging; including intelligently OCR’d paper documents and Medical Dicom/Web-based PACs. AcceleDOCS can be fully integrated with your existing clinical trial software system.

With our Text-based Search Capability, you are able to fuzzy search MS Office files, scanned OCR’d images and Dicom headers. You can search for any word or string of words in the documents you have permission to access, and our “fuzzy logic” will find the document or image and locate the place in the document or image where the text occurs, even if you spelled it wrong during your search!

  • Search results in one-two seconds, even with 200+ users searching at one time over 80,000,000+ images
  • Search across unrelated document types, such as PDFs, office documents, emails, Dicom headers and more
  • Support Phrase, Boolean, Proximity, directed proximity, phonic, stemming, numeric, full macros, all types of wild cards, full expressions, fuzziness levels from 0-10, and even concept/synonym/thesaurus searching

AcceleDOCS Audit Trails let you track exactly who accessed a document, and the time and date they accessed it. You can also be alerted to attempted access by users not authorized for a particular document. In addition, Usage Tracking allows tracking by department or customer use for accounting purposes.

AcceleDOCS is fully customizable, so file access can be set up to mirror the way you’re working today.

Benefits of AcceleDOCS

  • Cloud — No additional software or hardware to buy or support
  • Immediate, remote access via internet connection anywhere in the world with zero footprint
  • Integrates with clinical trial software systems, such as ClinPlus® and others
  • Direct support of all imaging “? paper and Dicom images

Search results in one-two seconds, even with 200+ users searching at one time over 80,000,000+ images.

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