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Image-Pro Plus

Image-Pro software includes the latest tools for scientific and industrial image analysis and image processing. Capture, process, measure, share, visualize and compare. It’s all possible with Image-Pro.

Image-Pro Plus software offers automated microscope control, image capture, measurement, count/size and macro development tools.

Process & Enhance

  • Use sophisticated image processing and enhancement tools to uncover details within your images. Automatically align either individual or sequence images.
  • Tile together a series of images or align sequence images to see a full representation
    of your research sample.
  • Create a focused image from a series of unfocused images with Extended Depth of Field.
  • Choose from a variety of enhancement and edge filters to filter noise and improve image detail.
  • Use a wide range of morphological filters to precisely segment structures and prepare
    images for automatic measurement.
  • Eliminate background noise and correct uneven backgrounds in your images for improved analysis.
  • Use the Color Composite feature to merge multiple fluorescent images acquired as monochrome
    single wavelengths into a color composite image.

Measure & Classify

  • Count and Characterize objects using over 50 manual and automatic measurement tools. Tag objects of interest and easily sort by size or other measurement parameters.
  • Use threshold and segmentation tools to extract objects of interest and distinguish them from other objects or from the background image.
  • Easily select objects by color. Use multiple classifications to segment and compare values of several different color groups.
  • Use the Image-Pro Plus calibration tools to redefine the scale of an image to express values in other units of measure.
  • Use the trace tool to highlight dark features on a primarily light background, such as fingerprint ridges. These features can be drawn manually or automatically. The automatic tracing tool works by tracing the skeleton of dark features.

Automate, Customize & Share

  • Save a series of Image-Pro commands as you perform them using macro recording tools.
  • The Media Cybernetics’ Solutions Zone is a searchable on-line database of macros, device drivers, plug-in modules, application programs and development consultants that support Media Cybernetics image analysis products.
  • Point out features of interest and add text to your images with Annotation overlay tools.
  • Export image data via DDE to Origin® and Microsoft Excel. Create custom reports with images data and text.
  • Image-Pro Plus includes a variety of features that allow you alter the application to fit your workflow. Create a personalized Workflow Toolbar with buttons for your most frequently used tools.