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MiPAX is for use with Microtek Medical Scanners. The MiPAX series products are designed to capture images or documents with patient information by connecting with Microtek X-Ray or document digitizers. This medical image management software system enables the archiving, storage, transmission and printing of medical images. It is a modular system with four major parts: the PACS Server, the Worklist Server, the Broker and F.S. Monitor in MiPAX-Server.

The captured images or documents are combined with patient information from other sites in the hospital, then transferred into the DICOM standard, and saved to a database. MiPAX series products turn physical films and physical documents into digital files for easier for storage and access.

The MiPAX series products allow users to copy, print, and share the digital files on demand. For more information on MiPAX products, please contact sales@xrayscan.com.

Download PDF: Pacs workflow infrastructure

MiPAX-Xray Workstation chest Xray film scan demo video:


MiPAX-Xray Workstation mammography scan demo video:


MiPAX-Xray Workstation demo video:

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MiPAX-Dental Workstation dental Xray film scan demo video: