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Did you know that 90% of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software does not offer a Medical imaging interface? Yet, imaging is a critical component of healthcare diagnostics and treatment.

Now RSO API can provide access to all your patients’ medical images and image-related information from within your EMR software, regardless of the discipline that generated the image “radiology, cardiology, or any *.*ology. This embedded cloud imaging solution enables your healthcare staff and facilities to access truly complete medical records that include full DICOM zero-footprint images” all with just one login to your EMR software. With RSO API, you have a comprehensive, scalable medical image management foundation that adds to your overall EMR strategy.

This vendor-neutral solution works with virtually any EMR system, and enriches your physicians’ EMR experience by providing them with easy access to their patients’ medical images and other clinical data. Easy access to all of a patient’s data in one place and at one time can speed diagnosis and treatment, improving patient outcomes.

With successful installations at hospitals and healthcare systems throughout the country, RSO API is a medical image management platform that provides easy access to images, workflow documents, and other clinical information. We store and host all images, provide backups and restore information with little more than a new pull down on your EMR software menu. We meet all HIPPA-required compliances, so patients’ privacy is assured and security is provided via our image-hosting software. No bulky images are saved in or running through your EMR software, so your software runs smoothly and is not bogged down by large images.

We focus on managing your medical images so your healthcare providers can focus on providing care.

Using a standards-based solution that’s been proven and can interface with multiple radiology PACS and cardiology PACS solutions is critical to your success in the ever-more competitive healthcare world. Without a centralized solution, you’re left with information silos, which make it impossible for your hospital or IDN to accomplish enterprise-level objectives.

RSO API is a vendor-neutral archive that integrates data from your medical image management solution, such as cardiology PACS and radiology PACS. RSO API grows with your organization, while providing excellent interoperability with other PACS solutions via strict adherence to industry standards. RSO API helps satisfy short term interoperability requirements while providing you with longer term sustainability of medical images and related content.

You no longer need to invest resources in costly storage on multiple departmental systems, because RSO API provides a single scalable, SaaS/Cloud medical image management platform for all kinds of images, all departments, and all locations. You only pay for what you need when you need it… no capital investment costs.

Whether you use RSO API as a complete archive and medical image management solution for your EMR or you begin with a vendor-neutral archive focus, you can be assured that all of your medical images are stored securely in an easily accessible, non-proprietary format. Make the RSO API Cloud the permanent storage place for your patients’ medical images and information. We provide true hanging protocol and we support moving modalities with windows, leveling and gamma. Contact us today and increase the power and usability of your EMR software.