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Scanning Medical X-Rays for Patient Access

posted May-6-2015

Physicians, Hospitals and Clinics are not the only users of Electronic Health Records.  Another type of users – patients – are requesting electronic access to their Personal Health Records (PHR).  This often means that healthcare providers have to provide their patients with digital versions of old X-ray films.  This may require the provider to pull images out of storage and send them out for digital conversion when a patient requests their films in digital format.


For this reason it can be beneficial for any health care facility to have a relationship with an efficient and cost-effective x-ray film digitization service that can also provide online storage and access for both physicians and patients.  A digitizing service that combines these efforts can help to improve your facility’s efficiency, streamline workflow, and provide your patients with the PHR they want.  A web-based application for image storage and access is an ideal way to make your images accessible for use on PACs as well as online for your patients and doctors.

Patient Access

While PHR are often created and maintained by individual patients in order to keep all of their medical information in one place and to be better able to participate in their health care process, some health care organizations provide a patient portal within their EHR that affords the same convenience to patients as a PHR.

Patients generally need at least the following basic information in their personal health records:

  • Name, birth date, blood type and emergency contact
  • Date of last physical
  • Dates and results of tests and screenings
  • Medical images
  • Major illnesses and surgeries, with dates
  • A list of medicines, dosages and how long they’ve taken them
  • Any allergies
  • Any chronic diseases
  • A history of illnesses in their family

This PHR is separate from and does not replace the legal health record of any provider.

Because Personal health information may integrate use information from various sources, Microsoft HealthVault and various third part apps can also help patients to manage their disparate medical information.   One such app is the MediCle Cloud for viewing and sharing diagnostic quality images.

Patient Portal or Patient App

Whether your healthcare facility is providing a patient portal or your patients are using an app to manage their PHR, digital medical images need to be part of the patient package.


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