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Merge eFilm Workstation

eFilm Workstation™ 3.1 is the latest version of the widely-used desktop diagnostic imaging software available via download. An easy to use DICOM Viewer used in thousands of hospitals, imaging centers and clinics worldwide, eFilm Workstation™ is packed with new advanced features that optimizes digital reading efficiency. It is available in both Gold and Platinum versions.

eFilm Workstation™, cleared for use in the USA, incorporates many features such as Window/level presets, synchronized stacking, MPR, reference lines, cine function and integrated CD & DVD burning, as well as advanced capabilities such as volume rendering. Digital images and data from various sources (including computed and digital radiographic devices, CT, MR, US units, secondary capture devices, scanners or imaging gateways) can be displayed, processed, analyzed, stored and transmitted via computer networks using this software.

eFilm Workstation™ 3.1 is packed with the following features:

  • Database SQL Express, 4GB
  • Hanging Protocols (HP)
  • Hanging Builder W/relevent Priors
  • Key Images
  • Edit Delete Support for Key Images
  • Cardiacthoracic Ration (CTR)
  • CD/DVD Burning
  • Include Additional non DICOM files on CD/DVD
  • Customized Handling of Markers on Mammo Overlay
  • Modify Position and font size of annotations
  • Font Management on Display and Print
  • Configurable Handling of multi-frame images
  • Floating or docked thumbnail panel
  • MS Windows Copy and Paste

Customer Benefits:

  • Simple online download, purchase and licensing engine
  • The world’s most widely used diagnostic imaging viewer
  • A Class II FDA medical device
  • Flexible pricing for annual licenses, unlimited time licenses. Academic pricing also available
  • Continuous development to meet the needs of a large user base
  • Intuitive CD burning application that will burn a lite version of eFilm on the CD so anyone with a PC can view your studies
  • Unmatched online support resources in the user forum, knowledgebase, downloadable user guides and 9-5 weekday phone support (with a valid license key and support contract)