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X-Ray Film Scanning Services

X-Ray Film Scanning ServicesCAD/CAM Services, Inc. medical division scans all types of X-rays. We can scan up to 14 x 17″ film and recognize down to a 44mm Spot size. We support most any Picture Archiving and Commnication Systems (PACS) system, including those from Cemax-Icon’s division of Eastman Kodak, GE Medical Systems, Marconi Medical Systems (formerly Picker Medical Systems), Mitra Imaging Incorporated, and Siemens Medical Systems.

Image compression has always been important and a significant bottle neck in Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) systems. We therefore directly support DICOM, and a new emerging standard from LizardTech that is offering up to 50-1 image compression! This allows a standard size film to be reduced to less than a one (1) megabyte image! This directly relates to quickly sharing loss less images over the Internet, and other departments.

Our system, technology and process can eliminate most or all network and traffic problems when you consider a PACS system. Imagine having 60,000 X-ray images all on-line, and immediately accessible to your remote doctors, and storing everything on a single 45 GB hard drive!

In addition to working with your existing PACS system, CAD/CAM Services Medical Division has also written custom applications for radiologist needs, and review / clinical conferences. Please contact a specialist about your specific applications.

Typical pricing ranges from $2.00 – $15.00 per X-ray which includes some indexing. Quantity pricing is available. Indexing is generally based upon Patient => Studies => Series => Image.

We either provide the scanning as a service, or sell the VIDAR and Howtek scanners, and imaging technology.